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QP Mobile Preset Pack 

  - 4 Color Presets
  - 2 B&W Presets
  - 5 Quick Action Presets
      - Perfect Grain
      - Bye Blues
      - Warm Greens
      - Hi Greens/Yellows
      - Elongate
  - 1 Perfect Skin Brush

QP Preset Pack 1




White white’s, true to life skin tones, soft finishes, bold blacks, and natural-feeling warm undertones.

These presets have specifically been developed for all types of lighting situations.

They are all versatile, natural, and maintain clean cohesive edits to you are sure to love. 

These Presets have been bred out of love, creativity, and countless hours refining and tweaking them to be just right.

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All sales are final. No returns or reimbursements. These are desktop presets that are compatible with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. These are not mobile presets.

A classic black and white edit. Easy to apply on any lighting situation. Pulls out whites and sharpens blacks without creating harshness.

QP B&W Soft

Deep and bold with the perfect grain. muted black and white's to achieve that moody filmy feeling. Lots of contrast while also creating a creamy vibe.

QP B&W Bold Filmy

The easiest preset for indoor any indoor shots. It gets rid of unwanted yellow/green/blue tones and creates makes your whites so clean and natural looking. 

QP Indoor

The best Preset for Early-mid day photos and works especially well on direct lighting situations. Softens Highlights/Shadows/ contrast while keeping photos realistic looking.

QP Bright

This one is Probably one of my favorite presets to exist ever. It is so incredibly easy to use and creates such a soft yet colorful finish.

QP Cloudy

This is the main preset i use for most of my everyday editing. It's so Versatile and helps you easily achieve those tones and colors you're trying to achieve.



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