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When I first picked up a camera, I had zero background knowledge about photography or business, and in a little under 6 years grew a successful six figure photo biz. I love sharing opportunities, educating, and creating community. I have hosted countless shootout's, content days, retreats, workshop, and other events. Recently, I’ve decided to step way from hosting large events because I never felt like I truly got to connect and dig deep with people to find out what it is that they are really after and what the best way is for them to get there…because really we are all different! Having a baby has also opened my eyes SO much as to what is possible, what is smart, what is hard but worth it, and what just isn’t worth it the stress. I wish I could go back to past workshops because I know some of the things I taught were just not realistic or very helpful for photographers who are also parents. Now I am focusing on individual situations and ensuring I provide a mentoring experience that is inclusive to all life situations. I could go on and on but I just want you to know I really want to help you reach your goals and go after those big scary dreams! 


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